Saturday, October 31, 2009

Foiled Again!

The culprit: a squirrel.
So last week in the morning as I was going to work, I noticed a cute little squirrel sitting on a pumpkin. He was chewing the stem of the pumpkins we just picked up at the farmer's market. No harm in that I thought. We don't need the stems.

If you are thinking "You are so wrong, Tamara. Those squirrels are wily and always trouble." then you would be right!

Look what those little rascals did to our pumpkins in one day!!! I even caught one all the way inside, with just the tail sticking out. I thought of taking a picture, but then I thought it would be even better to let our dog Sonny pay him a visit.

We will have to skip the carving this year as there wasn't much left to the pumpkins.

You can see the carnage below:


Amy's Blog said...

That's hilarious! You've got some hungry squirrels in your neck of the woods! I hope the girls weren't too disappointed!

Anonymous said...

So sorry 'bout your pumpkins. Hope you still enjoyed the holiday!