Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Annual Trip to Spicer's Orchard

A week ago Sunday, Josh and I along with the girls were able to make it to Spicer's orchard with our good friends Lucas and Jill, and their four kids. We got there a little late (about 40 minutes before they closed!) and it was very, very cold!
Even though we didn't get to pick apples or go on a hayride, we had a wonderful time. It was so nice to spend time with them again.
I love the pink sky in the background.

The trees were so bright orange!

I love Spicer's Orchard.

Are there monkeys in the trees?

Jill with Valerie, who slept almost the whole time!

Lucas and Josh helping Addie do the zip line. Look at her face!

My sweet Emma.

Josie and Heidi trying to call the goats. They wouldn't come because they were too cold!

Our little punkin.

The Mathew and the Curd kids in birth order. Hailey, Emma, Zachary, Heidi, Josie, Addie, and missing is Valerie who was asleep on mommy's shoulder.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Josie's First Haircut!

I mentioned last week that three people in the house got their hair cut. Josh and I were the first two, and Josie got her very first haircut!
It was time. Her hair was super thin on the ends. I just trimmed it up to where it was all growing in even, and she ended up with a cute little bob. :)
I like it a lot. It just makes her look so old! I know she is three, but now she really looks three. Ah, they grow up so fast!!!
Here is a before shot. Josie is excited and a little nervous.

It was very long! :)

The first snip!

An after shot. She really does love it. I think she looks like this because she was tired of me saying "Sit still!" :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Helpers

Daddy has been so busy lately, the girls and I decided to help him rake the leaves. I mentioned it to them and they were all eager to help.
Addie may be little, but she is a hard worker!

Emma working the rake like pro!

Josie preferred to rake the leaves off of the cement. She said raking off the grass was "just too hard".

I'm beginning to think they had an ulterior motive!

No wonder they were so eager to help! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time To Vote!

No, I'm not talking the upcoming presidential election. I need you to help us pick out which picture (if any) we should use for our new prayer card. So please, even if you do not regularly read this blog, please vote as well! I need help!!


Or, none of these. Please, if you think they are all not good enough, let me know! Thanks for voting!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well, We Tried!!!

Some of you know that we need a new prayer card picture. The last one we have is a bit dated. Josie is a newborn baby in it!
Sunday was beautiful and we found ourselves all looking fairly decent and the colors were just right, so we thought we'd give it a go. Out of the ba-jillion shots we took, none were that great. I guess we'll have to try again!
Oh, and strictly for your entertainment, here are a few to enjoy. Ha!

I contemplated using this last one, but Josh is all shadowy, I look like a ghost, Addie is looking down, Josie has a fake smile and Emma's eyes are closed...Why did I think this was a good choice?

I've Been Tagged!

Okay, so I have been tagged many times before , and I never do it, but I will give it a go this time!

Here are the rules...
1. Post the rules on your blog
2.Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post (or however many you want)
4. If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!!
Here are my 6 random tidbits:
1. I am going on my third day of staying at home with sick children. Although I do not want them to be sick, and I am probably falling behind at work, I am really enjoying this time "off".
2. If I have dessert right after dinner, I have to go back and take a bite of the meal I had. I never want sweet to me the last taste in my mouth.
3. Three of us in our family got our hair cut this week, and one was not Emma! More on this to come...
4. I think my heart music is the violin. You know, the instrument that your soul would play? Is that nerdy? Josh knows what I mean. He says his is electric guitar. :)
5. I have a bruise the size of Madagascar on my right thigh, and I have no idea where it came from.
6. The only way I can memorize scripture is if I put it in a song. I know, big dork!!!
I am tagging StephG , Bemily , Keisa , Kayla , Lindsey, and Sarah
Have fun!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

He's a Lumberjack and He's O.K.

Saturday we spend the day at our good friends Steve and Denise's house with them, and Brad and Rachel. The guys worked hard cutting a pesky tree down that was way too close to their house, while the ladies watched them work hard! I can't believe how fast they got this tree down! After they were done being lumberjacks, we all went inside and had some yummy chili for lunch and the ladies stayed inside to visit as the guys did MORE work with a shed! We have some very hard working husbands! Next time us ladies will have to work on a project while the men have a day to relax. :)
Here is the aforementioned tree.

Josh was the one to climb the tree. (Anyone surprised that he volunteered for that job?) :)

Brad and Steve told Josh where to cut, and did all the hauling of the heavy branches.

We had a great time from our seats, cheering them on! :)

Josh made it to the top.

This might give you a better angle! I can't believe he is up so high!!!

Our hard working hubbies pose for a pic. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Three Blessings

I am so thankful for the three perfect gifts God gave us... our daughters! They bring such joy to our lives each day.
Emma told me last night all teary eyed how thankful she was that I was not invisible, because then she'd never see me. :)
Josie is mixing up her "she's" and "her's". She says things like "My baby is hungry. Her really needs some food."
Addie loves to play fetch with Sonny. Her first sentence was "No, Sonny, No!!!"
As I type this Addie is sitting on my lap yelling "Emma!" at the picture she sees. :)
Thank you, Lord, for the beauty and wonder my girls bring me each day.
Emma playing in the leaves at a roadside park.

Josie. The forever cheese ball.

It's hard to get a shot of Addie these days. She is always on the go!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is this Big Girl?

I just thought I'd show you some pictures of what Addie is up to these days. No matter how I try and deny it, she is growing up! In just over three months she is going to be TWO!!!
Addie the snuggler. Here she is with her Papa.

Addie the goof ball. She gets this from her Daddy of course!

Addie watching Cinderella. It's true. She is not baby, but GIRL!

Addie, MY baby. Even though she is growing big, she is still my little baby. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kangaroo Style

The other night Josh was practicing his marsupial parenting skills. Ha!
Looks cozy in there.

Addie holds on tight.

Oh no! She's breaking out!

The great escape!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Josie Posie

I took some pictures of my Josie girl the other day. She is so sweet and wonderful!