Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Better Late than Never?

Is that saying really true? I just was thinking it may be a little silly to be sharing these pictures in DECEMBER, but it was too fun to pass up!
We went to the annual Trunk-or-treat at Rives Baptist Church this year. It's become a family tradition of sorts. We started going there when we lived next door to the church in their mission house the year we were doing partnership development. Emma was three then! So little! Josie was just two months old. It was a LONG time ago. :) We have been going back every year since, and have enjoyed it every year.
This year we did not go as a "group costume" but each of our costumes reflected our interests. Check them out!

Emma was a surgeon. She has said since she was four that she wanted to be a doctor. If this is as close as she gets to that, I am okay with that, but knowing that girl, she probably will be one day!

Josie thought since she had lost so many teeth that she should go as the tooth fairy. I thought that was pretty clever of her!

Adelaide was a little lady bug. SO CUTE!

I asked Josh if he wanted to dress up this year. He said he would dress up as a hunter so he could be warm, so I decided to go as the hunted. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Thankful Heart

This Thanksgiving was spend with the Mathew family down in Indiana at Josh's sister's house. The Snyder family did an amazing job making everyone feel welcome and at home! It was a wonderful time together as family. We were even able to skype with Ben and Emily in Texas. Not exactly the same as having them there, but better than not seeing them at all!
We were able to stop by my sister's house on the way up and back, as they only live a half an hour from Ken and Chris. It was nice to be able to visit with them too.
Here are some pictures from our Holiday weekend.

This is actually a picture from the week before at Emma's choir concert. This is the first "speaking solo" she has ever had, and she was nervous! She did a great job though telling us all about the Pilgrims.

Getting Thanksgiving dinner ready.

Adelaide and Simeon having some good cousin time together.

The girls cousins (minus Addie) enjoying a story together before dinner.

What Mathew family gathering is complete without a puzzle? :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Fall Festival

The first weekend in October, Ella Sharp Park hosted their annual family fall festival. Emma and I accidentally stumbled upon it last year and loved it, so I made a mental note that the whole family would have to go this year if we could.
It turned out to be the PERFECT Sunday afternoon for it. It was sunny, and still warm enough to get by without a coat.
Ella Sharp Park is a great park near by that we often visit. It is where the girls take their swim lessons in the summer, and play soccer in the fall.
The park has a mini working village on it (think Greenfield village, but on a smaller scale) and there is a museum that was Ella Sharp's home. Ella was a woman who donated her entire farm after her passing to the city, and they kept her home just the way she left it (with a few touch ups here and there).
We had a lot of fun touring the little village, and Ella's house. It was even more fun because we were able to go with Lee and Kayla!
We are all looking forward to going back next year. :)

A little family picture.

Lee and Kayla

This is the parlour in Ella's house.

This is one room cabin home. Josie was loving this "Laura Ingles" style living.

Emma was fascinated by the printing press. I loved all the questions she was asking. Just like her Daddy and Grandma!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Week at Blue Gable

Some of you may remember reading about the last time we were at Blue Gable. It was the year 2007, and it was a wonderful time! I thought for sure we'd go back (as we had almost every year) around Labor Day weekend since 2002. Little did I know that was the last time there with our ever expanding Mathew family.
When we were offered to stay at Blue Gable this year as guests of the owners, we jumped at the offer! What an amazing blessing it was! This was the first time (except for the occasional overnight camping trip) that we had ever gone on a vacation together as just the five of us. I guess it wasn't as much of a vacation for Josh. New Tribes was already back into full swing, and he went back during the day for ministry, and traveled back about an hour to spend the evenings with us.
Except for the Josh traveling part, this was the BEST vacation I could have ever asked for. The girls spent their days riding bikes, jumping off docks, fishing, doing crafts, and just plain having fun. I read a total of three novels (THREE!!!), and enjoyed doing some writing, fishing, and a whole lot of sun bathing. We even made a trip to town to one of my favorite coffee shops, found an awesome Mexican restaurant that served incredible fish tacos, and had a tour of a dairy farm, complete with free ice cream!
We made memories that week that will last a lifetime. It was an amazing gift from God to have this peaceful, quiet time away, and I am so thankful.

I painted the girls' finger nails and toe nails.

Sisters and friends!

Fishing with Daddy is always fun!

Emma got the biggest fish that week!

Incredible sunrises on Marble Lake. I liked to go fishing in the mornings with Josh before he would head out. This was the view pretty much every morning.

View of the cottage from the beach.

My favorite spot, and where I spent a lot of time! If I wasn't at the lake, I was here. :)

Blue Gable is one of my favorite places in the world!

Marble Lake also boasts amazing sunsets.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer, or Sock Her?

Emma is playing soccer this fall. Her first game was today and we were so excited getting out the door that I totally forgot the camera. :( It was a great day for a game. It was warmer than any game she had last year, and it was supposed to rain, but it stayed dry. I was glad for that. It's no fun to stand in the rain, although I hear it is fun to play in the rain.
The game went without too much excitement. Their team, the blue jays, won 3-2! There was one noted difference in this game from years past. Some how the soccer ball hit Emma in the face. It knocked her glasses off, and she was pretty stunned. She was more upset that they took her out of the game than the huge welt that was growing on her face! She was very happy they let her back in. I haven't figured out if she just didn't see it coming or went in for a header or what. I'm just glad she didn't break her glasses, or something even more important, like her nose! Not exactly what we meant by keeping her head in the game. That girl is so literal. :)
As I said before, I forgot my camera, but I took this one with my phone.

Can you see the soccer ball imprint?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to School

Okay, so I totally realize that I haven't blogged in over a month. I am a blogging failure. :(
In attempt to get back on here (hopefully more regularly too!) I wanted to at least share a bit of our life.
September 6th was the girls first day of school. Emma is now in third grade, and Josie is in first. Addie is going to preschool for three days a week as well.
It was a gloomy morning the first day, but luckily their moods did not match! They were excited to go!
Here is a picture of them all dressed and ready to go. They are all growing so fast!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Spectacular

This summer was filled with special times with friends and family. Even though we didn't make any trips away, we were able to have plenty of fun!
The third of July was one of those memorable days. We went to our good friends, the Munden's house, along with Lee and Kayla, and spent the day on the lake. We went on their boat to the sandbar to swim, then back to their house for a fabulous dinner, that has topped all other meals in my book, and then back out onto the lake for the best fireworks display I've ever seen to date!
It was so much fun, and so relaxing. We went home during the wee hours of the morning, after our kids crashed on their couch. One of my favorite days ever.

Josie got a little cold swimming, so she decided to take a break.

Mindy and Caleb enjoying the ride.

Josh and I love the water!

The newlyweds entertained us with stories from their honeymoon trip to Italy!

Seriously, this is what I would request for a last meal. WOW!

The kids getting excited about the upcoming fireworks show!

Just simply the best display ever.

Ellie and Chris driving us back to their house.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Josie had a very successful year in kindergarten! She learned to spell her whole name (Josephine Laura is not that easy!), learned how to add, and to read! She had to amazing teachers who made her year a great one!

This has nothing to do with kindergarten, but I liked the picture. :)

Josie gave her teachers big long hugs.

It's official. She is a first grader now!

Josie with the best kindergarten teachers ever!

Field Day Part 2: Crazy Legs

After Josie's field day events, Josh, Ben, Addie and I went for lunch and came back for the afternoon events when Emma's class would compete. I have all these great pictures thanks to Josh and Ben, as I wasn't feeling very well at all, and really not in the mood for picture taking.

Emma "crazy legs" Mathew is
the nickname she wanted us to use. We do call her that a lot. :)

Her sponge toss buddy was not really getting the point of the game...or maybe he just wanted to get soaked with the sponge each time.

Emma stepping up to the plate to soak a fellow classmate.

She did it!!! Good shot Emma!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Field Day 2011

We had the great privilege to go to the girls' field day this year, and cheer them on.
They were so excited about it this year. We made t-shirts with them for the big day, and enjoyed a warm day.
Josie did an awesome job!
She is such a fast runner! She outran all the kids in her class.

Here she is playing a wet sponge toss game.

Check out the back of her shirt sportin' her nickname "Josie Fro-zie" :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whatcha Got Cookin' This Independence Day?

Summer has been flying by so far! I finally have just uploaded the pictures from the end of school. I will be posting soon about field day, and Josie's kindergarten celebration, but first I was wondering what your plans were for the holiday weekend?
We are going to a friend's home tonight for a BBQ and boat ride, and tomorrow we will be watching the parade and fireworks up with my family. Should be a good time, with good food and good fun.
So, whatcha cookin' up for the weekend?

Monday, June 27, 2011

What IS that on your forehead?

"It's Jesus!"

Um. Okay. I love you my strange child. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to our Grandpa

I haven't blogged in a while. Josh's sweet Grandpa has passed away.
Death of someone who trusts in the Lord is such a complicated thing. Complicated in that we are rejoicing that Grandpa is in no more pain, and sits at the feet of Jesus. Grieving that he is gone from us. It is also so hard to see someone loose a parent. Josh's mom lost her mother six years earlier, and now her dad.
What an amazing life he had. Friend after friend came to the funeral home and shared stories of Grandpa. He was such a hard worker. This farmer had a fun side too, and it was neat to hear the stories of him when he was young.
We will miss him.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Grandpa that I took two years ago at his farm.

Memorial Day Merry Making

Memorial day weekend was one for the books. We had a wonderful time at Johnny and Susie's wedding!
The girls had a four day weekend, and we decided to make a trip out of it. I made more money at the yard sale than I expected, so we decided to get a hotel room with a pool to stay at, for a little vacation with the girls. With Josh's deal savvy skilz, he was able to get us booked for two nights at a place for cheaper than one night usually is. Go Babe!
The girls had an amazing time swimming until they could swim no more!
We also had the BEST visit with a few former students (who have become like dear family to us) and it was SO good to see them again!
David and Kristi came from North Carolina. Kristi did all the hair for the wedding, and also sang. She is multi-talented. David tried to help me with my camera, and tried (to no avail) to help me fix it.
Lizzy and her baby Jamin came all the way from Colorado. It was so great to see them again, but we missed her hubby Michael a lot!
We were able to hang out with them for a good long evening. It was the greatest. I am so thankful that the Lord allows things like that to happen. When you think you just may never see everyone together again, and then out of the blue, here we were, eating Mexican food and laughing and talking like old times.
I wish I had amazing pictures for you, but I am having some camera trouble as of late. Here are a couple of pics though.
Mr. and Mrs. Benz

The girls all together again! (my three were sleeping after a LONG day of swimming. :) )

The boys. Jamin was more interested in the floor apparently. :)