Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Own Little March Madness!

We've had quite a month so far! Filled with all those ups and downs that make life so very interesting and completely the opposite of dull.
In the beginning of March (okay, technically it was the very end of February) we had a little accident with our van. It was a Saturday morning, and we were coming back from spending the evening at my parents house. It seems every town decided to plow and salt, except Jackson, so the roads were super slick. We went sliding into a left hand turn and hit a curb. I can't believe the damage that can happen with just hitting a curb! The funny thing was, we could have jumped out of the van, and stood in front to stop it, we were moving SO SLOW! We are thankful that we missed the fire hydrant and school crossing sign (even if it were by mere inches), and also thankful for our insurance accident forgiveness plan. I guess eight years without an accident won't get your rates raised. I am also thankful for Josh putting money aside for emergencies, otherwise we wouldn't be eating this month!

Emma entered into her first ever AWANA grand prix. They make these little wooden cars that they race, and she and Josh worked on them. Emma actually did a lot of work herself, which I am very proud of. She won third place for design for her pencil car! Don't ask how fast it was... or if it even made it all the way down the track...

We were so thankful for the little heat wave God brought our way this March! It is crazy to think in Michigan in MARCH that is was in the high 80's! We have enjoyed a lot of things that are not possible this time of year usually, like bike riding, kite flying, going to the playground, and going to a drive -in to eat! We sure do love Rudy's!

As this March comes to an end, and April is just around the corner, we hope you are enjoying your "March Madness". :)