Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pie and Conversation

Occasionally at the Bible school I get to participate in something really fun. This is really more than just occasionally, since Josh and I coordinate the campus activities, but I am talking about something different.
Last week I was asked if I could teach someone to make pie, "since you are the pie queen". Oh, what sweet things to say! I do love to bake pies, and those may have been words to butter me up so I would do it, but it didn't matter. :) I love to teach things in the kitchen, and pie is my favorite thing to share!
Things did not start out as planned. On the ingredient list they were asked to bring Crisco, and they came with margarine. He he. One can only know how funny that is if you bake. It was okay though, as I had some Crisco on hand.
After three hours (hey, we spend a lot of time just chatting and drinking coffee too!) the pie was done, and it was a great success!

Ready for the top crust.

Someone is proud of her work! She should be. She was a GREAT student! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Third Times a Charm?

(Emma's inner ear diagram she made earlier this year.)

Adelaide just had her third surgery in five years. It isn't anything extensive, but it is surgery none the less.
Adelaide has suffered from hearing loss since birth. She failed her hearing test in the hospital when she was born, but they said to wait six months and have her tested again. She had a lot of birth gunk (for lack of a better term) in her ears, so they thought in six months she would be fine.
Addie's problem is that here ear drums aren't flexing, and her eustachian tubes don't seem to be draining well. Simple fix: pressure equalizing tubes to be put in her ear drums. They aren't permanent, so every couple of years, she needs a new pair. This time the doctor decided to take out her adenoids as well, to see if that would help with the draining.
Funny thing is, this simple procedure took her FOREVER to get! Addie went in for a hearing appointment in June (or was supposed to) but we had problems. The only ENT in our town wasn't accepting our insurance anymore. We had to switch to another provider, but we had to wait until October.
We had her hearing tested anyhow, and learned she had lost 40 decibels of hearing! They urged us to have this taken care of soon, before the hearing loss was permanent.
When we finally got her surgery scheduled, they noticed a heart murmur, and while she was lying in the bed in her little gown, ready to be wheeled away, they sent us home with instructions to see a pediatric cardiologist. Luckily, Josie already sees one, so we were able to get in fairly soon. Adelaide is all cleared for surgery by the ped. card., and we are set for surgery again. Addie then comes down with a monstrous case of croup. She has had croup plenty times before, but after giving her a breathing treatment, and taking her out in the cool air, she ended up going to the ER twice that week, and surgery was canceled again.
Last week we were finally able to go in for surgery. My little girl was a trooper. I think having her adenoids out was a little more that I thought it was going to be, but with plenty of Tylenol 3 for her, and lots of snuggling with mama, I am happy to say she is well now!
As far as her hearing? Too soon to tell. Thanks for all of you who have prayed with us for my little girl.