Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second Grade Choir Concert

Last week was the second grade choir concert at the girls' school. It was a short and sweet performance about the "freedom train".
Most of the concert was really great. Emma got a solo, and she did great! I am so proud of my girl!
The only part of the evening that wasn't so great was the little boy who kept pestering Emma through out the whole performance! He kept touching her hair, talking to her during the songs, and at the very end was popping out from behind her from side to side. I was so afraid Emma was going to deck the kid! The worst part is, he is my friend's son! What do you say to that?! Ah well, kids will be kids. :)

Here is the choir singing. Emma is in the middle.

Here she is singing her solo. She even surprised her parents! That girl can sing!

Emma with Mrs. Barnes, one of her music teachers.

Here is Emma with her other music teacher, Ms. Rockwell. She loves them both SO much!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Curly Q!

The other day Josie asked if I could put her hair in sponge curlers after her bath. I wasn't sure how it would come out because her hair is so short, but I thought "Why not? It's a snow day."
I had to put them in pretty tight so they didn't fall out. She slept with them in her hair all night without complaining.
The next morning when I took them out, they were VERY tight. They looked as though I hadn't even removed the curlers.

I thought that perhaps some brushing would help. I was unaware of what would happen...

She quickly got the name "Fro-sie" from Josh. Little Josie's hair was crazy unmanageable! I was so glad it was a snow day! It was a good idea, gone very, very bad.
We finally came up with a hair-do that would work.

I thought it was kind of cute in the end. Josie wishes she could have curly hair every day. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Days!

We have been having a lot of snow in the Midwest. It is reminiscent of the winters of my childhood. The past few years have been more mild.
All of this cold is, of course, expected. We do live in Michigan!
Josh and I were able to get away for the weekend with his sister and husband to Florida! While our girls played with my parents all weekend, Josh and I suffered in 88 degree weather at Cocoa Beach. Hey, someone's gotta do it! :)
We are back to the cold, frozen tundra that is Michigan. While I would love to show you pictures of the beautiful beach we were at, or all the yummy seafood we ate, you will have to settle for these... I forgot the camera. :(

This snow was from the latest snowstorm. Not as much as they predicted, but enough to cancel school for the girls!

Sonny was covered in the snow! We had to shovel him a path because it was over his head.

The girls and I playing in the snow. The sun was so bright that day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Baby Girl is Four!

Almost two weeks ago, our sweet Adelaide turned four years old!
It is crazy to think that we have had this little one for four years now. What a difference her first four years are to Emma's. Addie has always lived in this house, since the day she was brought home from the hospital. Emma moved seven times in the first three years of her life. I guess it just shows that we are all in a different place in our lives.
This is really weird, but I am still not used to the idea that I don't have a baby in the house. I mean, she is FOUR. How many more years until I will get used to that? When she is six? Or eight? Or eighteen?
When we have our birthdays (some more significant than others) we may or may not feel old, but nothing makes you feel quite as old as when your baby starts getting older. I wonder what my mother must feel on my birthday.
However fast these days pass, I am thankful for them. I wish I could slow them down sometimes, or even go back, but time doesn't work like that. So, here is to the every day. To the little moments that make up a life time.
Happy fourth birthday, my sweet Adelaide!

Enjoying her presents.

Make a wish!

Her future's so bright, she just has to wear shades. :)

A little birthday spinning in Nana and Papa's living room.