Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guess Who's Three!!!

Adelaide! That's who!
We were able to have a very fun weekend celebrating Addie's third birthday. Our little princess is three, and what is better than celebrating with a bunch of friends?
It seems weird to me that my baby is three years old. Feels like it was only a year ago that she was born. Time sure does fly!
Addie, you add so much joy to our lives. You are such a loving little girl, and we are so thankful that God brought you to our family.
Happy Birthday little princess!
Addie eating some birthday cake on her pink plate. She requested a "pink party", and that's exactly what she got! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slowly Falling Apart

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday. Please be praying for me. It is a new doctor, and I really just want some answers. I just feel like with my teeth, and my thyroid, and everything else that is wrong, I am slowly falling apart.
Without getting into the unsavory details, I am having a difficult time eating..or digesting. I'm not sure which it is.
I get sick..A LOT. I have eliminated meat, and some dairy from my diet, and it is a sad day.
I don't know how vegetarians do it honestly. I mean, it is a struggle for me not to eat it, and it gives me pain so great it drops me to my knees. Alas, it has been weeks since I have even eaten the tasty goodness.
I am praying that they will find out what is wrong, and that we will be able to get it fixed soon. Oh, and that I can eat meat again.
I SOOOOO am craving a yummy taco right now!
Maybe someday...

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Little Miss Sunshine

It has been a little gloomy this week. Cloudy and overcast, and sloppy. Not cold enough to play in snow, not warm enough to dry up the yard.
That is okay though. I have some sunshine right in my house!
My own "Little Miss Sunshine"
Here she comes!

Oh, it's coming...

There is the sunshine!!!

It just warms me right up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Hobbit?

Last night Josh and I had a group of students over for a Lord of the Rings party. Josh made lattes and I made cookies with our friends and then we watched the extended version. It was so funny as some were quoting the movie almost word for word, as others made jokes, and one hadn't even ever seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies! We even had the "experts" who kept us updated on how it did or did not go with the book. It was such a hilarious night! I just love it when the students are over on a Friday night. SO much fun!

Some of the group. It grew even bigger as the night went on.

Just a little proof that I was there too! :)

Our entertainment for the evening.

Now onto some fun. The first person who can name correctly which part of the trilogy we were watching will win a prize!
*Disclaimer- please do not enter if you saw my facebook status last night. That just wouldn't be fair! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Toasty and Dry

Nothing big or exciting going on here. I just had to post different pictures of the girls. They look so cold and wet in the last ones! ha!




Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowflakes That Stay On My Nose And Eyelashes...

That snow we were watching decided to dump on us. Ballet class was canceled, and we got to play in the snow!
Then this morning, school was canceled! You couldn't ask for a better start to the weekend.
This year I have to be on my guard. The girls love to snowball fight, and they are getting good!

Emma may or may not have gotten a total white wash just before this shot. I assure you, if it happened, it was deserved.

The snow was clinging to Josie's eyebrows!

Addie's eyelashes were catching all the snow falling in her direction.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things I Like About Winter

It is just starting to snow again. We haven't really gotten a lot of snow here in Michigan yet. Well, in my neck of the woods anyhow. Anytime we did get snow in the last couple of weeks, we have been out of town.
So, the snow is falling, and Josie, Addie and I are eagerly looking out the window. There is not really enough to play in yet, but maybe when it is done. I want to go play in it now, but I have a meeting soon that I have to go to, and hat head is not my preferred way to wear my hair. After the meeting Emma will come home, and will have homework. Then Josie and Emma are off to ballet, and when we get back we will have just enough time for dinner and bedtime.
So, today we will wait. Occupy ourselves with the things that need to get done. Maybe tomorrow... we will see.
Until then, these are some things I love about winter here in Michigan:

Itty bitty snow boots. They were even cuter when the girls were smaller, but useless, as everyone knows a one year old can't walk in them.

Puppy prints in the snow. These are Sonny's, but any puppy print will do.

A scenic snow scape. I don't really have that big of a yard, but I live across from a park, so I have one heck of a view! Now if I could only get those wires out of the way...

Hot cocoa. Yum! I think even if I didn't like this drink, I would still fix it for all the memories it brings back of me playing in the snow as a kid with my brother and sister. We would come in, sopping wet, and head down to the basement to peel off layer after soggy layer, shaking the little snowballs that stuck to our knit mittens onto the wood burning stove to watch them sizzle. Then we'd head upstairs and make a cup of swiss miss, and I would inevitably burn my tongue until I learned the ice cube trick. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Down to the Root Problem

Yesterday I visited the dentist. I was just there six months ago for a cleaning. Everything was going well. This was just another routine cleaning and check up.
Then "IT" happened.
Looks of shock.
More Counting.
Then it came.
"I can't believe this, but it seems we will need to work on twelve of your teeth."
I couldn't believe it either! TWELVE??? It's not as though I have given up brushing, or been on an all candy and soda diet for the last six months.
Apparently, my body is flipping out on me. I mean, I never even had a cavity until I was 26,now there is barely a spot where I don't. I guess this can happen when you are working with hormone problems or thyroid problems. Since I have both, I am guessing this is a double whammy.
The work needs to be done soon they tell me. They ask if we have dental insurance. We don't. We couldn't afford it even if we wanted it. The dentist has always been so gracious to us missionaries, giving us a discount at every visit. They say they will see what they can do.
This morning I got the call. With a huge discount they can get it down to one thousand, five hundred dollars.
Did I hear that right? I think I am going to be ill. That is more than we make in a month.
Deep breaths.
Then it comes. A gentle reminder in my head. Don't you know? Your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills! Have you ever gone hungry? NO! Have you ever gone without clothing or a roof over your head? NO! Have you been blessed time and time again? Of course. Then why worry about your teeth?
So, I ask that you pray for my teeth. That I could keep them all. That I can get them fixed. That it won't hurt.
Mostly, that my smile won't look like this.

Or this.

And also, that I would remember these truths quicker, as I think I was going to pass out on my bathroom floor, which incidentally is where I took the call from the dentist. Hey, what can I say? It is hard to find a quiet place to take a call in my house. Oh, and dentist receptionist lady? Don't worry, I wasn't using the bathroom...really.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Princess is SEVEN!

It is hard to believe that Emma is seven. Even harder to believe that I am a mother of a seven year old.
Yesterday was Emma's birthday. As I was sitting in church, and during the announcements a new baby let out a cry, and suddenly all these memories came back. It was so weird. I wasn't trying to be nostalgic, but there I was, remembering the cold sunny day Emma was born, much like that very moment. Remembering her long skinny feet, and these little pink socks that would not stay on. Remembering how she would curl into this little ball and sleep on my shoulder. THAT is when I can't believe she is seven. When I remember those times. CRAZY!
I tried to get a good picture of my seven year old. Truth be told, these were on the day before her birthday, or as Emma likes to call it, her "Birthday eve".
If any of you have ever tried to take a picture of a seven year old on her birthday (or birthday eve), don't do it right before they open their gifts. They just can't seem to give you a good pic. Case in point:
"Okay, smile!"

"That's okay. I think I'm going to use the flash. Give me a real big smile this time honey."

"I know I said big, but you don't have to hold your arms out. Just a nice pretty smile. Your princess smile."

"That was great honey, but I got glare off your glasses. Let's just try it one more time, just like that, and I'll get into a better position."

"Okay, Smile!"

This one will have to work. I promise I wasn't coming at her with a needle or something. Sheesh.

It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby

We were blessed to be able to host my family's Christmas gathering this year, which did not take place until after the new year, but that is okay! :)
My sister Tomesia and brother-in-law Joe and their three kiddos stayed with us. On Saturday my parents and brother Jason, sister-in-law Shanna and their two kids came out as well. We had the big turkey dinner, and opened gifts. We also squeezing in a mini birthday party for Emma at the end with cupcakes for the kids and Tomesia's yummy cheesecake for the adults. It was a full house, but very comfortable. With the upstairs they gave us this summer, the only time the kids were heard was when we thought the ceiling would come down a couple of times. :)

"Everyone smile or Tamara won't let you eat" Josh tells the family. It's true though. No food for you!

Like a good husband who lives with his wife in an understanding way, he smiles right away. Or, he must be hungry. :)

My cute nephew Alex opening his gifts.

This is me trying to get a picture of the four of us playing Settlers. Josh has no mercy when it comes to games, and he creamed me!