Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Last night Josh and I decided to make some Jack-o-lanterns with the girls. It was a lot of fun. Josie REALLY did not like getting her hands all gooey. It was so funny!
Making the princess pumpkin.

Emma digging in. She called the insides "pumpkin cheese".

Josie was totally grossed out! :)

"Look what we made!"

Check them out! :)

We each picked a part. I picked what shape the mouth would be, Emma picked the nose, and Josie (with Daddy's help) picked out the eyes. :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Dedication Sunday

This past Sunday Josh and I stood before our church family and shared with them our desire to raise Josie and Addie in a loving Christian home, where they will hear the truth of God's love through his son Jesus. (We dedicated Emma when she was 4 months old). This was an exciting time, as nine children were dedicated that day. How exciting to know that these families have the same desires to raise their kids in the will of God. :) My friend Rachel took some pictures for me. (Thanks, Rach!)
Pastor Steve reading from Deuteronomy 6.

Pastor Glyn praying for Adelaide. We were all smiling because she was talking during the whole prayer. :)

A prayer for Josephine and for her future husband. (Not that there are any prospects right now. Ha! )

I wish Emma was in this picture.

Look how sweet Josie is, snuggling with her Daddy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My awesome man!

Josh is so great! I just had to tell you all how wonderful he is. Here is a picture of him around midnight loading music on my mp3 player for me (because I am the nerd that STILL hasn't learned how to do that yet!). He was tired, but he wanted to make sure I had some new music in the morning while I worked out. What a great guy...and a cute one too! :)

I got a haircut!

My friends Kristi and Sarah came over yesterday, and Kristi gave me a haircut. :) Just thought I'd share...
She took a couple inches off. I really needed it!

Here is the back.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pint size Pumpkins

I thought it would be fun to compare some pictures of our three daughters getting pumpkins.
Emma is 8 months old in this picture. We were in Jersey Shore, PA at the time. (2003)

Josie is 13 months here. This was at Uncle Johns cider mill with our friends the Curds. (2006)

Here is Addie. She is 8 months old here at Spicers. (2007)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Spicer's with Nana and Papa

Saturday we went with my Mom and Dad to Spicer's orchard, a perfect way to celebrate the autumn season! We had a really good time! The girls loved playing around in the kiddy area. Josie loved the miniature town. Emma tried the zip line and fell off the first time. I was SO proud of her, because she got up (after a big fall, and a bit of embarrassment) and tried again. She went three times! My big girl!
We met up with my brother Jason, sis-in-law Shanna, and Ashlyn and Cayden. It was good to hang out again.
My Dad bought some fresh pressed cider and hot out of the fryer donuts for all of us! Thanks, Dad! Addie looking silly.

Josie peaking out of one of the windows of the miniature town.

Me and my Mom! I love you, Mom!

Look! My Emma can fly!

Josie in a different atmosphere. :)

Autumn is here!

This time of year is my favorite! Josh isn't really that fond of the fall. It is too gray and depressing to him, but to me, there is nothing better.
Even on cloudy, overcast days, my heart is filled with warmth, thinking of fond memories of my childhood. I remember helping my dad bring in the firewood. The sound of your steps as you trample through the leaves. Tomesia, Jason and I used to play in the barn, and make forts. They were secret forts though, so when we referred to them, we called them "cow". "Hey, let's go to the cow!" Oh, how sneaky we were!
All that to say that, autumn is here, and I am overjoyed. I am now making new memories to cherish with my own children. I hope that fall becomes one of their favorite times of year too!
We went to Spicer's orchard and got some great pictures of the girls by with the pumpkins. :) Josie and Daddy finding a pumpkin.

My lil punkin.

Three little cuties in the pumpkin patch!

Josie still is so little! :) I feel like Addie is catching up to her!

When the wind blew, it got chilly. They look a little frozen in this pic.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am bummed!

I have been trying to post on my blog for a while, and it won't let me upload any of my photos. :(
I am not exactly sure how long it will be to get the problem fixed, but stay tuned...I have some great pictures from the weekend!
Thanks for checking our blog!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The lives of the poor and famous!

Can't these girls get a break! Always trying to dodge the "mom-arazzi". You know they are going to end up all over the Internet. (Well, on my blog at least!)
Meet Hollywood

And her big sister Movie Star.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Can this be October?

We had such a great Saturday. After eating brunch at the school we loaded the girls up and went down town to the farmers market. It was 10AM and already 76 degrees outside!
After loading up on red potatoes, scallions and honey crisp apples we took a walk down town to the Jackson Coffee Co. Josh got a gift card there from some dear friends for his birthday. He was so sweet to share his birthday gift with us. We both got coffee, and Emma and Josie split a muffin. Who would have thought with three kids we could have a leisurely visit to a local coffee shop?
A little while later we went to Steve and Sarah's house. They girls had a blast seeing their cousins again, and we had a blast seeing Steve and Sarah again! :) They fed us a delicious chicken dinner and apple crisp for dessert! YUM!
Emma wanted to get one on those HUGE pumpkins! :)

Josie trying to stay cool at the market.

All the kiddos decorating the driveway.

No one looks very happy that I brought the camera out!

Poor Josie was so hot! The thermometer in their neighbors garage said it was 90 degrees! They kids all ran around in the sprinkler and got cooled of before dinner.

Our children's involvement in our ministry

Sometimes I feel like a lot of my time in ministry is spent after our kids are in bed, or with a sitter. This week has been a great week in showing me that that is not always the case.
We took a shopping trip with Jenna. The girls loved having her tag along on a usually boring chore to them. We also had wonderful times in the dining hall this week. Emma, Josie and Addie were each sharing their thoughts (or at least smiles in Addie's case) with the students we were eating with.
I love it. I love that the girls are involved with the students. I love that the students are just like family. Life is busy, but it is so much fun!
Here are some pictures of Addie playing with a dorm brother, David. Addie is much more fun to play with now that she is feeling better! :)
"Mom, this guy is cracking me up!"

Toothy grin.

"Hmm, I wonder if Mr. David would notice if I took that phone?"

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All went well!

Addie's surgery went really well! Thank you all for praying. The anesthesia made her act pretty freaky! The Tylenol with codeine has her racked out in bed now. :)
Thanks again!
My three beauties!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow

Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM Addie is going to have surgery to put tubes in her ears. Please keep her in your prayers. My mom is also having surgery tomorrow on her gums and we would appreciate your prayers for her as well. I'll keep you updated. Thanks everyone!
Cutie pie.

Cheesy grin!

What an exciting Saturday!

We had the great pleasure of having some friends of ours, the Lenz family, visit us. We got to know them through the training in PA and MO. They are missionaries in Papua New Guinea and are back in the states for a little while to deliver little Daniel. We were so glad they came by. :)
What a good looking family! Robyn looks amazing! She had Daniel TWO weeks ago!

Addie clocking a mug.

Michael is such a cutie!