Friday, October 9, 2009

My Ballet Baby

Josie decided to follow in her big sister's footsteps. She is now enrolled in a ballet class this year! She is really enjoying it, and I'm enjoying watching her. Josie has such a delicate and graceful way, and ballet just brings it out more. :)
They keep the door to the class open once a month so we can watch what they are learning. I decided to take my camera and I got some cute shots.


Tomesia said...

*sigh* so sweet

thesscurry said...

so cute... and I do agree... that she has some very graceful moves.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

too cute!

In response to your question on my post... I am not sure about dinner but as far as custard goes I am thinking Chocolate Custard with Peanut Butter Cups. Am I right?

Sarah said...

ooooh my word! she is stinkin' cute! i'd love to see a video of her showin' off some skills! ;)

Mindee said...

I love little ballerinas. And it really is good exercise too! My 9 yo is on her sixth year and you should see her abs. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog!