Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vacation Holiday...

Hello all! I won't be posting for a while, because Josh, the girls and I are heading to Tennessee with our friends, the Mundens.
I'm sure I'll have a lot to post about when we get back!

The girls going for a pretend ride on Daddy's motorcycle. Emma and Josie look funny because they are making motorcycle noise. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seniorita Cranky-pants

Addie has been a wee bit fussy lately. Who am I kidding, she has been a GRUMP! Poor girl has been suffering with seasonal allergies. The benadryl is not cutting it, so I am taking her into the doctor tomorrow to see if they can get her something better before we leave for Tennessee. She has had swollen eyes, and a crazy runny nose, but I'll spare you pictures of those, and leave you with this...
Addie, aka Crabby Sinclair!

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Look What I Can Do Mommy!"

Josie and I were having some fun one on one play time. She wanted to show me some of her "tricks".
She was so excited about doing this! Too cute!

Look how proud she is!

Preparing for...

"taco tongue!"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation Time Again

I have shed a lot of tears this week. Tears of frustration, of sorrow, of joy.
The end of the semester always brings a lot of extra things to do in the office, and that can be stressful at times. We also stay up way too late, trying to get every last minute with our dear friends before they leave either for the summer, or forever as they graduate.
This is the part of the ministry I don't think I'll ever get used to. We invest all we are into these students for two whole years, and then we have to say goodbye. It rips my heart out. My "gut" reaction is to go into defense mode. I tell myself I can't let myself get so close with the next group of students. It just hurts too much to see them go. I know that is not right though. I know that "shared life" is the only way we can really connect with any of the students. So, if you think of it, say some extra prayers for us around graduation time. It is when we loose little pieces of our heart to all over the country, and soon, world.
I wouldn't want to change it though. Be excited! Be proud! Fifty six more people to work towards the goal of every tribe reached!
Spring Graduation class of 2008. An amazing group of World Changers!

Just some of those we are missing so!

Many of the students were glad Addie decided to walk before they left. Way to go sweet Adelaide!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emma's Ballet Recital

I know this post is so long, but I can't help it! I am so proud of my baby girl! Emma's ballet recital was tonight and it was so great to see her perform. I was so proud at how well she remembered the routine. She wasn't behind at all from missing two months of classes from her foot surgery.
I made her pose a little bit for pictures at home, and then we saw her dance! We had fourteen people there cheering her on, and they were good sports too, because Emma was the TWENTIETH act!!!
After the recital Emma got some beautiful flowers and then we had an ice cream party at home. It was a great night. I am so proud of her!
My princess.

Striking a pose.

Emma was one of the leaders of the group. The other little girls watched her when they couldn't remember a part.

So cute!

Emma dancing with Lydia.

The end!

Take a bow!

They all loved the applause. :)

A couple of pics before the show of all who came to cheer Emma on. There was us (of course!)

Nana and Papa

Sarah Chung. :)

Brandon, Gavin, Keisa, Kristi and David.

Tami, Liz, Rae, and Jesse.

Friday, May 9, 2008

AWANA Awards Night

Wednesday night was Emma's awards night with AWANA. We had a yummy dinner of hot dogs, salads, and chips and then made our way upstairs for the program.
From September to May, Emma has been meeting almost every Wednesday night with the cubbies. She has memorized 24 verses, and completed her cubbie "Jumper" book. We love the AWANA program and will miss it during the summer (not a surprise to some of you, but Emma got teary when it was all over). We are definitely going to do it again in the fall. Josie might even join in on the fun!
Emma proudly showing off her patches for her first year in AWANA.

They sang the Cubbie theme song.

They just gave her her first book award and certificate.

Emma with one of her Cubbie leaders, Mr. Bertram. :)

Emma Lost Her First Tooth!

Last week some time, Emma told us "I can't eat. My tooth is funny." Sure enough, it was loose. After about a week of wiggling it, she was tired of it. The new tooth had already made it's appearance behind the old one, so I thought it would be okay to give it a little help.
Emma's tooth after all her wiggling. (Sorry about the blood.)

After a quick pull it was out! According to her baby book, this was the same tooth that was her first in. :)

Her little Jack-o-lantern grin. :) I can't believe Emma is old enough to lose teeth! Emma was excited she could drink her milk through a straw without even opening her mouth!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Precious Gifts

Just thought I'd share some pictures of my blessed life. Thank you God, for my family!
My hot hubby. :)

So sweet!

She is on the verge of crying here, but I thought she looked like such a big girl on the bike!

Josie is turning into a Blondie!

So grown up.

Sportin' her "Wild Child" hair-do.

Josie getting the ball. She is such a peanut!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Step Back in Time...

This weekend was A capella choir's 35th year celebration concert. I was so privileged to be a part of this reunion concert. A capella was one of my most favorite things about high school, and it felt like going back ten years. So great! Here are some pictures.
Here is half the choir. There was so many of us!

Mr. Bushey is the best teacher I ever had!

This is a funny picture of Jenna and I. I think these faces are too funny. I'm not sure what we were singing.

All who made it from my graduating class. Kelly (Merrill) Meyer, and her six week old Ethan, Me, Lyndsay (Court) Tryba, and Jason Tryba. It was fun to see them all again!