Friday, June 29, 2012

Growing Baby, Growing Momma

I thought I would give a little update on how things are going with me and the baby.
I am happily well into my second trimester, and the morning sickness is almost completely gone, for which I am very grateful!
Baby is growing big, which in turn, means I am growing big as well. I can't think of a better reason for an expanding waistline!
Next Thursday we will have an ultrasound. This time around we have decided to find out the gender. The girls are split on who thinks it is a boy and who thinks it is a girl. Pretty much everyone else is convinced it is a boy, although this all may be wishful thinking. I would have to say, if I was being pressured, that I think it may be a boy. This pregnancy is so different than the rest. I have been wrong before though, so I guess we will just have to wait and see. Six days and counting until we (hopefully) know! I hope I don't have a shy baby in there!
So what do you think? Pink or Blue?

This was taken a couple of weeks ago when I got a hair cut.

Prima Ballerinas

This year Josie and Adelaide took ballet lessons at the local ballet studio. We have always loved the teachers and classes, and loved the scholarships even more!!! Who would have thought missionary kids could take ballet lessons!
The girls both worked very hard in their classes this year, and we were excited to see all they had learned. We were extra blessed to have won the front row raffle they had! Well, we actually won third row, but it was a way better seat than we ever have been able to get before! The best part is, I only bought ONE ticket! We were very thankful for this gift frrom the Lord, to be able to see our little dancers up close, instead of ant size.
Josh took pictures for me (as I was still not feeling well at this point), and I think he did a great job!

 Josie looks so, what is the word? Professional? She is a natural at ballet.

 Adelaide knew her routine better than any of the other girls! So cute! I'm a proud momma!

 Can you see her in Swan Lake one day?

Pretty in pink!