Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I remember when I was growing up, the day after Thanksgiving was just as fun as Thanksgiving itself! Black Friday, you ask? No way! If you even knew my mother, you would know that shopping would never be on her list of fun activities. I am speaking of the lesser known of traditions (unless you live in the Livingston County area) of the Fantasy of Lights Parade!
My parents home town hosts a Christmas parade every year to usher in the Christmas season, complete with Santa Claus himself riding on the last float, going to the county court house to light the Christmas tree. It is very cute small town fun, even though this small town is now a large one. :)
My family has started it's own tradition as well. The Sunday evening after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree. We invite some students and staff who haven't gone home for their Thanksgiving break to join us, and it is a lot of fun! This year was a smaller group, but just as fun. With the weather being so warm that weekend, Josh was able to hang a lot of outdoor lights this year too! It looks so cheery. I love it.

Here is one of the floats in the fantasy of lights parade. One of the requirements for the parade is that your float must contain at least 5,000 lights!

We were able to meet up with former student, and long time friend Jenna. This was probably the most exciting thing about the evening because we haven't seen Jenna since March! She is one busy girl!

I gave the camera to one of the students to take pictures, so I have about a thousand pictures of ornaments, and hardly any of people. he he

This was Addie's first year she was able to hang the star! She is growing up so fast.

Monday, December 6, 2010


The week of the Turkey Bowl, we have a "spirit week" at our school. These are just fun days where the college students dress up as ___ (their favorite Bible character, superhero, hillbilly, nerd, you name it). Well, on Friday it was "Ninja vs. Pirate"day. Addie SO wanted to dress up, so we made her into a little pirate. (Team Pirate all the way!)
I must say, she made the cutest pirate ever!

This pirate scowl is complete with a nasty scar! :)

No shivering timbers here. This pirate has nice sturdy sea legs instead of a peg leg.

You have to wear some of your pirate booty, right?

Now all this little pirate needs is a ship!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turkey Bowl 2010

The Saturday before Thanksgiving holds a tradition here at New Tribes Bible Institute. It is the day of our annual Turkey Bowl!
The Turkey Bowl is a staff vs. students football game where the students remind the staff that they are all old. Remember Turkey Bowl 2008? Well, that was the closest we ever got to winning since we have been on staff!
This year was supposed to be different though. This was the year that we had the interns on our team. These guys are still in their early 20's, at the peak of football playing age. Surely they could help the staff be victorious this year, right?
Well, that was the plan anyhow...

The staff are in black. Why is no one catching this guy!!!

Joshy, you're lookin good!

I like this photo for two reasons. #1 The student in the back looks like he is about to face plant #2 It was our only touchdown of the whole game.

Why are these students cheering? Well, they may have beaten us by a couple of touch downs, but you didn't hear it from me!