Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eighty Five Years Young

Sunday we were able to celebrate with Josh's grandpa his 85th birthday! What a fun day it was. I said to Josh as we were going back home late that night how it felt like a holiday. He said "It is. When you have a family like ours, Grandpa's birthday becomes a holiday". I couldn't have put it better!
We sure missed Ben and Emily who live in Texas. Everyone else was able to make it out though. We enjoyed two delicious meals, and lots of visiting, and what Mathew get together is complete without a nap?
The kids spent most of their time outside watching the neighbor harvest soy beans. They must have thought these kids were crazy watching them for hours. Crazy? No. City kids? Yes.
This visit made me very excited for the upcoming holidays soon approaching. What a great day!

Giving Great Grandpa his gift.

We gave him 85 Hershey kisses and 85 kisses on a card. :)

Grandma reading a family favorite.

Group hug!

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thesscurry said...

hey there... can you forward pictures for me? You took some great shots and I know that I haven't posted for a while... but I'll get to it soon!