Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Fall Festival

The first weekend in October, Ella Sharp Park hosted their annual family fall festival. Emma and I accidentally stumbled upon it last year and loved it, so I made a mental note that the whole family would have to go this year if we could.
It turned out to be the PERFECT Sunday afternoon for it. It was sunny, and still warm enough to get by without a coat.
Ella Sharp Park is a great park near by that we often visit. It is where the girls take their swim lessons in the summer, and play soccer in the fall.
The park has a mini working village on it (think Greenfield village, but on a smaller scale) and there is a museum that was Ella Sharp's home. Ella was a woman who donated her entire farm after her passing to the city, and they kept her home just the way she left it (with a few touch ups here and there).
We had a lot of fun touring the little village, and Ella's house. It was even more fun because we were able to go with Lee and Kayla!
We are all looking forward to going back next year. :)

A little family picture.

Lee and Kayla

This is the parlour in Ella's house.

This is one room cabin home. Josie was loving this "Laura Ingles" style living.

Emma was fascinated by the printing press. I loved all the questions she was asking. Just like her Daddy and Grandma!