Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Spectacular

This summer was filled with special times with friends and family. Even though we didn't make any trips away, we were able to have plenty of fun!
The third of July was one of those memorable days. We went to our good friends, the Munden's house, along with Lee and Kayla, and spent the day on the lake. We went on their boat to the sandbar to swim, then back to their house for a fabulous dinner, that has topped all other meals in my book, and then back out onto the lake for the best fireworks display I've ever seen to date!
It was so much fun, and so relaxing. We went home during the wee hours of the morning, after our kids crashed on their couch. One of my favorite days ever.

Josie got a little cold swimming, so she decided to take a break.

Mindy and Caleb enjoying the ride.

Josh and I love the water!

The newlyweds entertained us with stories from their honeymoon trip to Italy!

Seriously, this is what I would request for a last meal. WOW!

The kids getting excited about the upcoming fireworks show!

Just simply the best display ever.

Ellie and Chris driving us back to their house.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Josie had a very successful year in kindergarten! She learned to spell her whole name (Josephine Laura is not that easy!), learned how to add, and to read! She had to amazing teachers who made her year a great one!

This has nothing to do with kindergarten, but I liked the picture. :)

Josie gave her teachers big long hugs.

It's official. She is a first grader now!

Josie with the best kindergarten teachers ever!

Field Day Part 2: Crazy Legs

After Josie's field day events, Josh, Ben, Addie and I went for lunch and came back for the afternoon events when Emma's class would compete. I have all these great pictures thanks to Josh and Ben, as I wasn't feeling very well at all, and really not in the mood for picture taking.

Emma "crazy legs" Mathew is
the nickname she wanted us to use. We do call her that a lot. :)

Her sponge toss buddy was not really getting the point of the game...or maybe he just wanted to get soaked with the sponge each time.

Emma stepping up to the plate to soak a fellow classmate.

She did it!!! Good shot Emma!