Monday, January 23, 2012

My Baby's Birthday

Today Adelaide turned five. I would like to say that we spent the day in utter celebration, but the reality is that there was too much life going on to stop and make today incredible...and I am feeling utter guilty about it.
The girls had school so there was the morning hustle and bustle. Josie forgot her project at home, so another trip to school before ten AM. Josh had a meeting during lunch, so no lunch with Daddy. I even had to go buy her birthday presents for her with her today. I think this is the very last year I can get away with that without her noticing.
So as the night was winding down, and I was feeling like a failure, I realized something; Addie wasn't comparing me to other mothers. She wasn't even comparing this birthday with her sister's, or even her other birthdays. Addie was just excited to be five!
So maybe Mac and Cheese (the kind out of the blue box) is not my idea of a great dinner, but it was her birthday dinner request so it was perfect. Maybe the pie stayed a little too long in the oven, but she didn't care. Today was a great day.
So I decided today was a great day for me too.
Happy Birthday my sweet Adelaide. You have made these last five years the best five years of my life.
Make a wish!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Where Did the Week Go?

This past week seems like a blur. The students have come back from their winter break, and the semester is in full swing.
I really only know that from word of mouth though, as I have been home all week. Josh and Adelaide have both been sick. Josh is now feeling better, and Addie will hopefully be soon.
Addie had made TWO trips to the ER this week. The first was Tuesday night. She was up a little after midnight not able to breathe. It sounded like croup so I took her out of the porch for some cold night air. When that didn't help, I gave her a abuterol treatment, and when that didn't work, we went to the hospital.
They were able to give her some steroids that helped a lot. I am so glad they did. What a scary thing to not be able to breathe.
Adelaide has been very snuggley, and I am enjoying the extra time with her, watching the Cosby show, or reading books.
Out of the blue yesterday her fever spiked to 102. Her tummy was really bothering her too. I called her doctor's office, and they were able to get us in, but at a different location. When I got there, Addie was crying really hard. She said she couldn't bend over or lay down without her belly hurting. The doctor took one look at her and told me to take her to the ER. They thought she had appendicitis. By the time I got back to the ER (which just happens to be right next door to us) her fever went down, and her belly no longer hurt. Very strange, and can only be explained as an answer to prayer!
She still has croup, but seems to be feeling a little better. Today she even ate some food!
I am sad that my little girl is sick, but thankful for the extra cuddle time I get with her!
Look at that big girl pouring her own milk!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five Years From Fourteen

Emma's new favorite way of torturing her mother is to tell me that over and over again. I think she finds joy in making me squirm.
What I can't tell is why fourteen is the magic number in her head. It is not the year she will get her drivers licence, or date, or enter high school. It's not even the beginning of being a teenager. It is, however, thee goal.
She often laments to me that she wishes she could stay young, and then the next moment want to be all grown up.
I just let her know that I have felt that way too, and how she will have the rest of her life to be an adult, but you are only a kid for a short time.
So, my dear Emma, enjoy being nine.

Happy birthday to the girl who made me a momma.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Why Memories Are Better Than the Real Thing, or So We May Think

Do you ever feel that way? I must confess, I often feel that way. I like to remember. I am a big fan of pulling out old photo albums and recalling how wonderful things were. I even like to pull out old photo albums where ever we may go (much to my husband's chagrin). I want to hear about other people's fond memories too. I think that is why I started blogging. I know I've said it a hundred times before, but this blog is sort of an online scrapbook for me, the memory keeper. No one has actually given me that title. Some may even argue that my memory is not as good as I'd like to think.
I guess that is sort of my problem though. With keeping all these memories, I really don't like to give any room for change. I have a hard time seeing my girls grow. I am proud of who they are becoming, but am sad that they didn't stay little.
I also tend to try and recreate moments that have grown into fond memories. This is where it really gets silly. I want (and then expect) things to go the same way every time as the way I remember it, and heaven forbid some poor sole doesn't know that, and wants to try something "new". Am I the only one? Well, guess what. It never ends well. Shocker, I know.
Let me tell you something cool though. When you decide to stop trying to make everything into this "perfect replica" things can be pretty fun.
You see, this Christmas was one for the books. It was one of those week long celebrations full of family fun, both with my side of the family, and Josh's. It was one of those times where all the kids get along, no one gets the flu, everyone enjoys the company of everyone else... It was one of those Christmases you try and recreate the rest of your life. I don't know though, maybe it will just keep getting better.

Someone tell these lovebirds they are not newlyweds anymore. ;)

Adelaide opened every gift with this much excitement! It was SO sweet!

This was our second year of doing an Advent reading. We have LOVED every minute of it.

All dressed up for Christmas morning church service.

Grandma reading a family favorite. Emma was sure to get a good spot!

This was by far my favorite thing we did with the Mathew family side. We sang Christmas carols into the night. As much fun as it was to sing, I enjoyed even more hearing Josh and his siblings and parents sing together. What a beautiful blending of sweet songs to the Lord!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Have Readers?

I guess I have been feeling less and less like blogging, because I didn't think anyone was actually reading my blog. Well, my lovely family put me in place last night. They thoroughly ripped on me until I admitted to being a blogging failure. I mean, only thirty some posts last year?
I guess the main point that encouraged me was when my sister-in-law said "you aren't doing this for others anyhow, right? Aren't you writing this for you?" You know what? That is definitely how it started. It was my online scrapbook of sorts, sharing my story with the world, or anyone who was interested anyhow. I slowly forgot that, and as people stopped leaving comments, I stopped writing. Well, that is over. I am going to write, with readers or without readers. So all of you readers who read, but don't comment, that is okay. Thank you for sharing in our little journey in this planet.
Now, because I HATE writing without having some sort of photograph, I am leaving you with this. I find this picture extremely ironic. I took it for a Christmas card this year. I find it funny because this has been the warmest December (and January now) that I EVER remember. This was the only significant snow we got (so far). So, kinda funny that this was the picture I sent out. Actually, I had a complete brain freeze and ordered only 25% of the cards I needed, so most people didn't get this card anyhow.
May this New Year bring you joy!