Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Even More Way Back When

After we graduated from the mission training in Jersey Shore, PA, we spent eight weeks with our home church in Jackson, MI and then moved to a lovely place named after a not so lovely bug. That's right, we moved to Roach. A little tiny dot on the map of the state of Missouri. This is where New Tribes Mission's language institute was located. (This is now the location of both mission AND language training also known as the Mission Training Center, or MTC).
Although we went to a very small apartment to an even smaller one (This one was 410 square feet!) this place had something our other did not... a toilet! We did not have a shower or tub (this was still almost 100 yards from our house) but we were so happy to have a toilet we didn't care! Having a toilet in our apartment became an even bigger blessing as the year progressed, and we began potty training Emma, and I became pregnant and was dealing with morning sickness.
Another huge blessing about our time in Roach was it was right on the lake of the Ozarks! Josh enjoyed being able to fish several times a week, and Emma and I enjoyed all the fresh fish dinners. We also enjoyed living near water in a warmer climate. I was able to take Emma swimming in the lake well up until the end of October (and we did too. It was a daily ritual of ours. After her afternoon nap, we would go for a swim.)
These special times did not go without their own hardships. We still struggled a lot financially, but God was faithful, and we never went without a meal. We also lost a baby at this time. This was hard, but we had so much support from friends, and flexibility from the staff if I missed a class or two. God generously blessed us with another pregnancy, and the joy of Josie coming helped ease the pain of our loss.
The things I remember most about our year in Missouri was the close friendships we made. We can say that some of our dearest friends live all over the world! Places like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico and the Philippines. I remember our faith being stretched, and God always showing Himself to be faithful. I also remember our marriage relationship grow. You just get closer when you go through "stuff" together.
It was a great time, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Check out this lake! Many a dinner was caught out of those waters.

Emma is sitting outside our steps. By the time we graduated, these woods were torn down, and several new homes were being built for more missionaries in training.

This was the sink AND the bath! Never did I cook and clean her at the same time! :)

Emma and I in the living room/office/dining area. She looks so much like Addie but with straight hair!

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