Friday, October 23, 2009

Way Back When...

I've decided to do a new series of posts I'd like to call "Way Back When". I just recently came across some photos that I haven't seen in a really long time, and I thought for kicks I'd share a few.
Here is the first one. We took this family photo in 2003 about a month after packing up and moving cross county to Jersey Shore, PA where we began mission training with New Tribes Mission. The three of us moved into a tiny 425 square foot apartment (did I mention we had NO bathroom!) and I went from a stay at home mom with a new baby, to going to classes every morning.
It was rough at times, but the majority of my memories of this place and time of my life were simply wonderful. We lived in gorgeous country. We were a community of people that I could invite over for dinner as they walked by our house, or give the baby monitor to your neighbor so you could go for an evening stroll on a "date". We only used the car once a week, had no tv, and spent all of our spare time outdoors. We didn't have a lot of money (one month we only got $45 income!) but we always had an abundance. God used this time to teach me to trust in Him to provide, and he did again, and again, and again.
Ah, it was a good time. All except my hair. Ha! What is up with this helmet hair cut? I guess that is what you get for free hair cuts. :) Look how tiny Emma was!
This picture was taken right outside our front door! It was so beautiful there!


Rachel said...

oh my goodness! you look so different! And Emma is so teeny tiny! Howcome Josh looks EXACTLY the same?!?!?! :)

Tomesia said...

I was thinking how young Josh looks.