Monday, October 26, 2009

More Way Back When

I am sad to say that this time in our life, when we were in our missionary training, we lost some photos. The most special ones I can think of were of the time when we lived in our Jungle camp.
We had a little stick house wrapped in plastic. My kitchen was on our porch. We cooked on the fire. We had people over to play games, and spent the days hiking, canoeing, and shooting guns, as well as being in class. Our classroom was outside. :) It was a really fun time, and I finally learned how to use a compass properly. :)
This time was not all easy. I had to get over my fear of a spider that was the size of my hand if I ever wanted to use the bathroom (I say bathroom, but really it was a big hole dug in the ground, with a bench and a seat over top, 35 yards from our house! Ha!) I'm not typically afraid of spiders, but one doesn't expect to see spiders that size in this country!
This was also the time that Emma got the measles. She actually was the 1 in 100,000 who get it from the vaccine. Josh was gone on a hike with all the men for three days, and Emma spiked a high fever. I got permission to take her to the local doctor (we typically were not allowed to leave the camp at all, but they knew something was wrong). We were greeted in the back alley of our doctor's office, when they came out with gloves and masks.
"That is measles alright!" they said.
"Well, what can I do?" I asked.
"Nothing." was the reply. "That is why you vaccinate."
Well, thanks for that one! So, back to the camp we went. Emma and I were quarantined to our little jungle house while we waited for her spots to go away.
Even though there were some difficult times, it was one of the fondest times I experienced there.
These pictures are not from our time living in the jungle camp, but from another time when we went hiking up there with some fellow students.

Look at Emma! So cute!


Sheri said...

Wow Tamara! I am so enjoying this series of posts! Thank you for sharing pieces of this journey our Father has taken you and your family on. You are an encouragment to me today my dear sister in Christ!

Tamara said...

Thanks so much Sheri! That was so nice. :)