Friday, February 27, 2009

David Crowder Band Concert!

We had a BLAST last Thursday at the concert! Josh and I rode with Clint and Keisa and met Chris and Mindy, and Brad and Rachel there. Upon walking in, I felt...old. Now, let me tell you one thing. I actually, am not old at all, but being surrounded by youth groups, and college students started to make me feel old. Well, I spotted some gray haired people, and then I relaxed. :)
The Glorious Unseen opened first. They were okay. I actually like them, but it was a little mellow for an opening act I think.
The David Crowder Band was AWESOME! It was actually like a big praise and worship fest. We just sang with them. (They were SO smart to have the words displayed! Loved it!)
After our awesome concert, and most of us running into people we haven't seen in a while (Like Josh and his old high school classmate, or Keisa and a guy she knew when she lived in Papua New Guinea as an MK!!!) we went for some frozen custard at Culver's. It was great because we have a friend who works there. It was so fun to see her in her little blue visor! :)
So, I am a lame-o who did not bring my camera, but Rachel gave me full permission to steal her photos from the night, and if you would like to see her blog post about it, you can go here.
I LOVE this picture. Not only is it a great pic of some of my closest friends on this earth, but Josh looks 19 in this picture and that makes me giggle, as he is FAR from 19. :)


I just thought it was a really cool picture with the lights and hands in the air. That round thing in the back is where they projected all the words.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I won!

I am super excited to share that I won a radio contest last week! What did I win? Four tickets to the David Crowder Band concert tonight, and four cds! Now, I have to share this. I was really wanting to go to this concert, but there was no way in the world we would be able to go on our limited missionary budget. $40 is not doable right now. I saw the contest on the radio's website and I prayed to the Lord, that He would make some way for us to go. He answered my prayers, and we won! Not only did we win, but we got a call the same day from friends of ours inviting us to go with them, because they won four tickets from a different radio station! So, I want to testify that the Lord cares about the little things too. I am getting super excited! I've been listening to them all day!

Thanks to my friend Rachel for teaching me how to post a video. I hope you enjoy. This is my favorite song of theirs. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Piano Lessons, Passing Out, and a Pathetic Pooch...

Emma had her first official piano lesson on Monday. She has been learning things here and there from Grandpa and her Daddy, but this was the first actual scheduled lesson. Our upstairs neighbor has agreed to teach her for use of our piano for her to practice. Honestly, I think we are getting the better deal, as she is an amazingly talented pianist, and it is like having a free, private concert in our own home. :)

Just learning...

A little blurry, but you get the idea.

Upon uploading these pictures to my computer so I can blog about Emma's lesson, I found another picture. Now, I'd first like to say that I don't normally like to post pictures of my backside, or really any pictures that are embarrassing of me (unless you have seen this post, which is also kind of embarrassing), but this was too funny and I could not pass it up.

It seems that I must have passed out on Monday night of sheer exhaustion. Or, maybe I was just too lazy to get ready for bed. Either way, Josh took this picture of me, laying on top of a pile of blankets, my boots on the couch (*gasp!), and my face smooshed. I can tell you it was not that comfortable, or at least when I awoke in that position.


The only thing that brings me comfort, is that my dog is just as dorky as I am. No, I rephrase, he is dorkier.

I see those eyes open, you pathetic, desperate for attention fur ball, and I love you for it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

If Music Be the Food of Love, Sing On!

Josh and I were invited by our friends Richard and Joyce to join them for dinner and an evening with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra! We had such a wonderful time. First we went to this little Italian Restaurant off of M-50 Giglio's (or something like that) and we had wonderful food and even more wonderful conversation.
After dinner we went to the Potter Center and enjoyed an awesome evening full of Gershwin, and Berlin and Rodgers and Dickau. It was a lovely night full of beautiful music! We had such a great time with our friends as well. Thanks guys!

All gussied up with my funny valentine. :)

Josh also brought me these, with a lovely gift from the Swan Creek Candle Co.

Tulips are my favorite flower.

What a magnificent creation from an Almighty Creator!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


What is that I smell coming from the Mathew kitchen?

Oh, yeah. Homemade muffins.

From scratch of course, with big juicy blueberries.

You know you want one. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Times Two

This year we had a double birthday party for Addie and Brooke. They are just a month a part, and both turned two, so we had a mini birthday bash for them, Elmo style.
The birthday girls in their matching dresses Keisa made them!

This is my favorite picture of the night. It captures her personality so well!

Ready for cake!

Yummy Elmo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Things Happening at the Mathew House.

This past week has been a long one. By last Wednesday afternoon, I was not feeling that well. I stayed home from youth group that night and just slept, I went to the doctor the next day where he confirmed I had Strep throat AND a sinus infection! By Friday Emma had it, and then Saturday and Sunday Josh got a stomach flu, which I caught on Monday. CRAZY sick week. But, we are all back to almost 100%.
Today I spend a good five hours at the Kellogg eye center with Emma and Josie. I am excited to share that Emma's script has not changed, and her eyes are doing better at not crossing with her glasses off. Also, Josie does not need glasses right now!
I also wanted to share how much Emma is learning in Kindergarten. She is reading words out of any book she picks up! She is also writing a lot. She wrote me a note for the first time this week. I cried! I am so proud of her!
Well, that pretty much wraps up our week. What have all of you been doing to keep busy?

Spending some time watching The Lord of the Beans. :)

My own silly little bean doesn't need glasses!

Emma's note she wrote me. She also drew a picture of us as "heart shaped balloons, with our stings holding hands". So funny, that girl!