Monday, November 2, 2009

Dress Up Fun!

Saturday we were able to take the girls to a fall harvest party at a local church. We have been doing this every year since 2005 and the girls really enjoy it. This year it was SO COLD! We didn't stay to do everything because of how cold it was.
This year, Josie and Emma had some help with their costumes. My friend (and NTBI alumni) Jenna made Josie a pink poodle costume. Josie LOVED it! Once I painted her face and put the collar on, she was barking and howling the rest of the night.
Emma really wanted to be a fairy. Another friend (and current NTBI student) Elizabeth had Emma design the dress, and she sewed it. It looked great!
Addie went with the tried and true Tigger costume, mostly because it was warm and she kinda reminds me of Tigger sometimes. I love this little costume. Emma used it when she was little, and before that, it was her cousin Cora's. This Tigger has definitely made its rounds! :)
Overall, it was a good night. The girls are enjoying their "spoils", and we are enjoying sharing the candy with all the students. :) I may or may not have had a Reece's peanut butter cup, or two, or five...

Josie is barking. She would bark when I said smile. I guess that is how pink poodles smile.

She was so excited she couldn't stand still!

Emma's costume complete with her great grandmother's gloves. She was SO careful. It was SO cute!

Just like Tigger, all Addie could do was bounce!

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Tomesia said...

love the pink poodle idea. the girls are very cute :)