Monday, September 29, 2014

One "Step" Closer to Recovery

Today was another great day of healing for Josie. This is truly an answer to prayer how fast she is recovering, as everyone who cares for her burns remarks at how quick and unheard of her recovery is. 
Today was the last day of the arm bandages, which means that out of her torso, arm, and thigh, she only has a bandage left on her thigh! The open part of the wound is getting smaller and smaller in circumference daily!
Getting completely off the Norco has been great for her. The Tylenol 3 doesn't seem to effect her moods so much, and she is awake more. We've spent a lot of time drawing, watching movies, and reading. Today she was even able to start some of her school work that she missed out on last week.
Tonight we tried out some crutches too! It was great to see her be able to move around (a bit) again! She pushed it a little too much, and is feeling it right now, but hopefully sleep will come soon.
We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers, visits, calls, meals, packages, and hugs. They mean SO much!

Josie received a special quilt in a package today, made just for her! She was so excited!

Thrilled to not be completely couch bound! Notice her guard dog always at her side. 

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