Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Time at Blue Gable

We have had the joy and privilege of visiting Blue Gable for many summers now as a guest of dear friends. It has refreshed us in many ways, and this year was a little headquarter hub for some partnership development time as well.
I missed having Josh be able to relax and unplug, and unwind, but it was a good week full of fond memories. 
I love that this little spot on the lake has made it's way into my children's fondest memories (and mine too!)
Here are a few pictures of our time there. As always, it was much too short! It always goes by way too fast.

The cute little cottage. Such a welcoming sight.

Turned 25 weeks pregnant with baby #5 this summer. Just relaxing on the dock since the fish wouldn't bite for me this year.

One of Ike and Daddy's many walks to see the cows. I think this was the highlight of the day for Isaac.

A family soccer game.

Isaac hiding in the corn. Don't go too far buddy!

Mornin' Moos!

A little tradition. Gotta get a picture in front of the sign.

Not a wonderful picture (my eyes are halfway shut!) but I wanted one of all of us together. 

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