Thursday, September 25, 2014

Great Appointment at the Burn Clinic

Josie had another appointment at the burn clinic this morning. She wasn't really looking forward to it at all, and neither was I! I know how important her wound care is, but I hate that it hurts her so much.
Today was just great. 
I first wanted to state how much we appreciate the women there that work with Josie. Frances and Jaymi take such care in changing her dressings, and cleaning up the burn. They are incredibly gentle with her, and I know they do their best to keep her as comfortable as possible. They care for her as if she was their own, and that does my momma heart so good!
Today when changing the dressing on her leg (where the worst of her burns are) we saw a lot of new skin growth! We were all so excited! Her leg is well on the way to healing quite nicely. This particular visit was also great because Josie was in a lot less pain! They found some bandages that work really well with her skin, and with the burn healing nicely with new pink skin, the wiping that would normally bring screams and thrashing, only brought some tears and wincing!!! This is such good news, and a big encouragement to Jo. Her burns look so much better, and she is starting to feel a little better too!
The trip to the clinic (and a very long night the evening before) completely wiped Josie out. She slept for hours upon hours. This is great news because it is so important for her to get a lot of rest while she heals.
She slept through the visits of her nana and papa, our neighbor, friends from church and from New Tribes. It was fun when she woke up to a lot more special treats, and thoughtful cards and gifts.
Please pray for Josie's appetite to return. She does not want to eat at all. Josh got her to eat a little rice today, but that was it! She is suffering from an upset tummy from taking medication on an empty stomach, but that just makes her not want to eat all the more. She is not quite making the connection between food making her feel better. She isn't drinking as much as she should either, and she really needs to stay hydrated and have extra protein to heal quickly.
Thanks again for all of your love! I want to share so much more, but I am exhausted and need some sleep!

Josie trying to give me a smile. She was nervous about the appointment. I don't blame her!

This is so cool. For the last two visits, Natasha lets her use an iPad to watch movies on to help distract her from the pain. Seriously, we love these guys!

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