Saturday, September 27, 2014

Making Progress Every Day

We have had a nice couple of days with healing. Josie has transitioned from taking Norco to Tylenol 3 for pain, and it was pretty smooth. She is more alert, and less loopy. We like that! 
Her appetite has even improved! Thank you for specifically praying for that. She will have cereal now, and a sandwich, and a small amount at dinner, which is a hundred times better than before.
We have had a lot more visitors, and now Josie gets to enjoy them too, instead of being too drugged to realize what is going on. 
It is hard to see so much progress being made, and then realize there is still so much more to go. She is a trooper. I wouldn't have nearly the good attitude she has about all of this. I am so proud of my girl. 
All of the cards, and prayers, and special gifts and treats, and meals are such a huge encouragement to all of us. I love it when she gets a card and says "they knew I got burned and they are praying for me?" with such a hopeful little voice. It puts a big smile on her face, and mine too!
Our little artist girl is starting to get back to what she loves. Just a few days ago, it hurt to even move her arm, and now she is using that arm to make beautiful pictures. If you were to see the burn on her arm today, you would be shocked. It looks SO good!
Thank you for praying! Thank you for everything. We are so blessed by you all!

Josie is working on bringing some autumn inside, with a nice, bright maple leaf.

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