Friday, September 5, 2014

Summers in Ohio

Ever since Josh's parents have moved down to Ohio several years ago, we like to go down for at least a week of time with the family for a Mathew family reunion, camping in their back year, and just spending time together.
This summer looked a little different. The Bible Institute was under a major renovation, and we didn't feel right about leaving to do our own thing while there was so much to do. We missed the reunion, and several days with family, which we are bummed about, but the kids got to go and see everyone!
Josh's parents came and picked up our kiddos (Isaac's first time away from home without mommy and daddy!) and brought them down for the family reunion, and playtime with the cousins. They had so much fin!
We were able to come down and share our gender reveal with some of the family that were still here, so that was fun. It was just too short on mine and Josh's end!
Here are some pictures of when we were there.

Bubby loved his pancakes. I never knew a kid that little could eat so much!

Grandma had an idea of how to make little dolls out of acorns and sticks. The girls LOVED that!

Isaac was more interested in what snacks Grandpa had.

Working hard on the acorn doll.

One of the finished products. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Here is my newest nephew, Knox. Isn't he a cutie pie??? Look at how he just smiles at his mommy!

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