Monday, May 11, 2009

Special Spark In My Life

Last Wednesday was the annual AWANA awards banquet. It is a night set aside to honor the efforts the kids have made during the year to memorize verses, and complete their workbooks.
After a feast of gourmet wieners and other wonderful potluck foods like jello salads, deviled eggs and brownies, we watch as the kids are handed out certificates and awards.
I was so proud of Emma. She completed her first book in Sparks, which includes memorizing over 30 verses of scripture, memorizing the books of the New Testament in order, and doing a missionary interview. (That last part was kind of easy for her, seeing as her parents are both missionaries!)
Even though she did all of that (which is a huge accomplishment for a little kindergartner I think!), that was not what made me the most proud. What made me the most proud was when the leader of the Sparks said to the room "Anyone who has said it isn't worth working (in AWANA) has never had Emma Mathew". Wow! My heart beamed (as well as my face, I'm sure).
I am sure proud of you, my Emma girl!

We opened with the pledge to the flags.

Emma with the Sparks leader, Mrs. Barsuhn. Emma sure loves her! I think the feeling is mutual. :)

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Anonymous said...

Great job!
I've heard a lot about AWANA, and I think some of our homeschool group kids are involved, so I'll definately be looking it up for Sept - our first "official" year of homeschooling!!