Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baseball and Apple Pie

Okay, so technically there was no apple pie. We did get peanuts though!
A couple of weeks ago we were able to go see the Lansing Lugnuts minor league baseball team play. It was so much fun! We even made it on their web site.
Emma's school was selling tickets as a fund raiser, and we thought this was one fund raiser we could get behind. :)
We purchased five tickets, and decided to leave Addie home and take Brandon (Clint and Keisa's oldest boy). We are so glad we did. Not only would it have been WAY too late for Addie (we got home after 11pm), but Emma and Brandon had a blast. It was a fun change having a little boy around. So, Keisa watched Addie, and we took Brandon. Kinda like that show "Wife Swap" but without all the family drama. Okay, so it's not like that show. Not really at all.
The kids were great, and even though the Lugnuts lost, it was an enjoyable night out.
Emma cheered a lot. Finally a place where she can rock her mad whistle skills.

They were a fun team to watch.

Josh took this, and I love it. It kinda captures the whole feel. The cool of the night air, the crack of the bat... Good shot, babe.

Although he is a very happy kid, it is hard to get a picture of him smiling. I promise, he had a good time.

Josie on the other hand...she seems to always have a smile for me. Well, maybe "smile" isn't the right word. More like "face".


jade, trish, halle and will said...

great pictures! you have a great photographer's eye- i love your pictures! thanks for updating your blog- it is the only time i get to see new pictures of my nieces and nephews :) ha! keisa is such a slacker! see you in july!

Sarah said...

that picture of jo is to die for!