Thursday, May 28, 2009

Foto Flora A Go Go

I am in love with all the flowers this time of year brings, God's glorious creation all around us. All the variations of colors and textures are so much fun to look at. WOW!
Here are just a few that caught my eye.

This is the center of a dark purple Bearded Iris. There are a bunch of these guys lining the fence in my backyard.

I cut this Tulip from the big flower bed (well, big for our yard) along the garage. Notice the detail in the petal.

One of the few Dandelions that make it to this stage in our yard. This one was not lucky enough to be in one of my love bouquets.

The only rose left from Emma's dance recital. This was a gift from Brandon and Gavin for Emma.

I thought this was interesting. There are a bunch of light purple and yellow Bearded Iris all along the back of the garage. This year (for the first time) this little guy came up. I hesitate to say little, as the bloom is the size of my palm. I thought it was a neat surprise. I like it much better than the others than can look very washed out at times.

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Elizabeth Eckard said... I can't figure out how to put pictures in my blog...or video. I'm hopeless...and your blog is beautiful just like YOU!