Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gotta Dance!

I just love sharing about Emma's dance. Maybe it's because I am her mom, and proud of everything she does. Maybe she really IS that good. Maybe it is because I lack all of those skills and it is amazing seeing any of my offspring have ANY coordination.
Whatever the reason, I sure do love to talk about it! Her end of the year recital was May 17th. This year she participated in tap and ballet. It was so fun to see her doing the different styles of dance. I didn't get very many good shots, but here are a few of the night.

A little shout out to this guy, who one minute before the show started decided to sit right in front of us. Thanks. Most of my pictures have this guy's head in it.

Check Emma out! She knew the routine the best. They put her front and center for both tap and ballet! One of the other mom's said to me after the show "You didn't tell me that Emma was the star!"

Although she had the whole dance memorized, she often looked so serious. :)

Our little prima ballerina!

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Lindsey said...

Oh, she's so cute! Gosh, I'm sad I never ever got to see her dance, especially now that she's the star!

Sorry about the guy in front of you. Was he tall? Sometimes we tall people just can't help it, you know! Although, when I'm in that situation I slouch like there's no tomorrow...