Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soccer Star

A couple weeks ago Josie's soccer team did team pictures. There is no way we could justify paying thirty some bucks for pictures, so Josh told me to take my camera and I can snap a couple for myself.
I took one picture, and then got yelled at! Sorry! I didn't know it wasn't allowed. So, the team picture isn't that great, but I got some great shots of her after her game in the gym. I am so proud of my little soccer star. :) Her coach is pretty cute too. Not the lady. The guy. Josh. He is the cute one.

Will the cutest player on the team please raise your hand?

A little soccer rookie trading card!

And what post about Josie would be complete without a silly face shot.

This is who she truly is.

"Smile Josie!"

"I am."


Rachel said...

haha that is a great post! I love the comment about the cutest person on the team raising their hand...very clever! Oh, and thank you for clarifying which person you were saying was cute... :)

Elizabeth Eckard said...

just like her momma