Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Reason We Celebrate

I never knew why we colored eggs at Easter. Some say it is derived from a pagan tradition. Others say that eggs represent immortality, and therefore a perfect symbol of Jesus resurrection.
I just color eggs because that is what I did when I was little, and so did Josh. We enjoy spending the time with our girls, preparing for Easter morning the next day.
All of that to say that the true meaning of Easter is not forgotten. Jesus death and resurrection is a part of our everyday life. It is hard to explain to the girls what makes this time of year special.
"But Mommy", Emma asks, "Don't we celebrate that Jesus died for our sins every day?" I love this girl!
We do. Jesus died for us, as payment for our sins. We know this is true. We celebrate life in Him every day.
May you not lose the focus this Easter, or any day. Christ died for you, and He lives!

Being very careful.

"Will these be enough eggs, Daddy?"

"Yes Josie, two dozen is enough."

Our brightly colored breakfast for tomorrow.

Our focus today, and always.


David Summer said...

Out of the mouths of babes! "We celebrate Jesus every day."

Bemily said...

I love you guys and what your little ones say! Miss you and wishing we could be with you to celebrate this wonderful day!

thesscurry said...

Awesome message - thanks for sharing...

Though, what are the chances that we got the same Easter Egg Dye kit... crazy! We had those same cool little Easter Egg cups from the kit I bought on clearance last year after Easter! :-) Love you guys