Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indy Children's Museum Fun!

Indianapolis is such a cool town. There are so many neat things to do. My sister told me of the free night at the Children's Museum, and we just HAD to go!

Mind you, this event was free, so everyone was there with their long lost brother, neighborhood pal, and grandma twice removed on their father's side, but it was still fun even though it was crowded.

The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the lines for the bathrooms. Oh, and a special shout out to the older gentleman in his sixties that thought using the family restroom for his own personal use, while my three year old almost wet herself was a good idea. I know. I get it. It is a big, single bathroom, but as we all know, men's restrooms don't have lines anyhow, so please consider the potty dancing child behind you the next time you need to go, and use the men's room instead.

Enough about that.

Check this out! The dinosaurs are trying to escape! I thought this was very cool to see first thing as we were entering the museum. I heart dinosaurs ever since I was a little girl.

After our potty stop this is what we saw first.

(whoa, big boy. He is a little bit intimidating!)

Check out the size of his paw print!

I love the look on her face.

The whole gang (except me. I'm behind the camera).

Addie looks thrilled.

We went to see the dinosaurs. Addie kept saying "Arrrgggg. I eat you Momma!"

Emma was really into looking at fossils. I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was six, so I think she gets it from me. :)

Can you see me digging these babies up?

Me neither. Too dirty.

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