Friday, June 12, 2009

School's Out! School's Out! Teacher Let the Monkeys Out!

This past week was Emma's last week of school. It seemed to never come! Doesn't it seem late to be getting out? When does your school district let out?
We had a very fun week celebrating Emma's first year of school. It seems that is wasn't that long ago when we were excited about her first day, and now it's her last!
Sunday was the "step up" Sunday at our church, and Emma moved up into 1-2-3 worship! Her class sang a song and she was given a little certificate and a Bible. Even though they misspelled her name, Emma thought it was very special to receive a new Bible. "This is great, because I can read now!" she said.
On Wednesday night, Emma's school had a kindergarten awards ceremony. Along with the completion certificate that Emma received (they no longer call it "graduation" anymore, even with the ceremony and everything) she also received a special honor for exceeding the NWEA MAP test in reading, language arts, and math! Way to go, Emma!
The next day was Emma's last day of kindergarten. My friend and carpool mom Missy came up with a great idea. We decorated our vans and welcomed them as they came out of school. I don't know who was more excited, our new first graders, or their younger siblings!
The students eagerly await for their name to be called.

Emma receives her certificates and a hug from her teacher, Mrs. MacMillan.

Judah, Emma and Jocelyn pose for a pic.

The greeting committee! They were all excited to have their older siblings home to play with again.

Here is Missy's van. It was raining when I went to write on mine, so it all washed off. Hers looks great though!


Bethany said...

don't worry - we have 1 1/2 weeks still... :( we have half days on the 19th, 22-23rd... then summer!

Lindsey said...

Omigosh, that picture of the younger kids waiting for Emma and Judah is SO CUTE I could just roll over and die!

(that's a good thing, I think...)

Tamara said...

One and a half weeks! That's crazy!

Thanks, Lindsey. That was my favorite pic too!