Saturday, June 27, 2009

Give A Little Bit Of Your Love To Me!

A couple months ago, Emma came up to me all teary eyed and said, "Momma. I want to grow my hair out for love."
She had seen a post on my friend's blog where her little girl was donating hair. Emma told me she liked this girls pretty long hair and asked, "Why in the world would she cut it?" I told her that she wanted to cut it so she can give it to someone to make a wig for a child who doesn't have hair. She thought on that a while and didn't ever mention it again, so when she told me she wanted to grow out her hair "for love", I asked if she meant locks of love, and she said yes.
I thought it was a great idea. I liked that it was her own, no one asked her to do it, and also her hair grows fast, so she could grow her hair out really long quite quickly. They need at least 10" to use it for a wig.
So, last Saturday I gave her "the" cut! She was really excited and said she wants to do it one more time. :)

Cutting the long pony tail off! She looks a little nervous.

We have ten and a half inches to donate!

A shot of the cut in the back (minus the wispy part that migrated to the left side of her head). I think she looks SO old with this haircut, but it's nice to have it off her neck for the summer.


thesscurry said...

Emma, you are growing into such a sweet young lady. I am proud of you - and thankful for the sweet heart that Jesus has given you! Love you - Aunt Sarah

Rachel said...

I love that she thought of that all by herself :)

You gave her a fabulous haircut! I am very impressed!