Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Park Party

As I was going through my photographs I found these from Memorial day. It was a nice day. Josh was off of work, Emma had the day off school, so we just spent some fun time as a family. After a little parade in a neighboring town, and a relaxing afternoon at home, we met up with the Troyers and the Gilleys at a local park for a picnic.
After our P.B. and J's, the girls spend a long time playing with their friends while we all got a change to talk. It was a good day.

Brooke and Addie working hard at the see saw.

Our thirsty girl!

Emma pushing Josie in a big swing.

I love this pic of Addie because she looks chubby. :)

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Elizabeth Eckard said...

I love that you are posting lots of pictures and tales so that I don't have to miss you all so much now that I am home. Someday I will be back and oh what fun we will have. :) I MISS YOU!

P.S. I want to be the kind of mother who lets their kids get messy too. Mainly cuz I think I'll be doing it right along with them. :)