Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Emma's First Day of Kindergarten!!!

What a momentous day today was in our household! Our oldest daughter went off to school! The whole family went to take her, and as I dropped her off in her classroom she seemed to be really excited. When it was time for me to go, Emma started to tear up. She asked me to "Please tell Josie and Addie that I will miss them very, very much!"
It was so hard to leave her there with tears in her eyes, but I knew staying would just make it worse.
What does a Mom do for the first day of Kindergarten? Well certainly not work! I could hardly concentrate on my jobs, so I kept myself busy with some "brainless" filing, until it was time to go get her.
Emma had a great day! She was so excited to tell me over lunch all about Chicken Tag that they played in gym class, and the gingerbread hunt they went on. Here are a few pictures we took to commemorate the day!
Emma showing off her new backpack Daddy let her get.

My little girl, excited and nervous. (Thanks again Ben and Em for the cutie outfit!!!)

My girls are getting so big!

Emma at her desk.

Emma with her teacher, Mrs. MacMillan.


Rachel said...

Emma looks so grown up! I am glad she had a good first day :)

thesscurry said...

When did your girlie get to be that big... I still remember the day she rolled over and how we cheered her on!

Love you Emma!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

What a cutie! It is such a bittersweet feeling to watch them grow up. My second born started kindergarten this week! It goes by so fast.

Kent and Marilyn said...

What an exciting day! Emma looks so grown up! And just adorable in that outfit! I hope the rest of the week has gone/will go well!