Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Summer Break!

Hopes for sleeping in on Friday morning were dashed. Emma was sure she had school. She didn't want to be late!
After some reminders of the day before ("Remember how we picked you up at school with the van painted and the sign...") she finally believed us, but was now way too awake to go back to sleep.
She wanted to be back in school. I didn't think she remembered how fun summer can be, so we had a day of summer fun!
We went to the park in the morning with one of my friends and her two boys. After lunch and naps we had a great time splashing in the back yard. It was successful. She did not mention school the next day...although it was Saturday...

Josie was still a little sleepy from her nap. This lasted, oh, until bedtime, when she got a burst of energy. Perfect timing as usual.

Addie's face cracks me up! The bucket was a little heavy for her. :)

Look out Emma!

Girl needs to grow some teeth back!

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Bethany said...

Megan has the same pink heart bathing suit! it would be so much fun to get our kids together to play someday :)