Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springtime Cheer!

Look what came in the mail today! A box of springtime cheer from my dear friend Lindsey.

Pretty cheery, huh? I thought it could not get any better, but then I opened it.

I know, even cheerier, right? I had to restrain myself from ripping into the chocolates before I took a picture. They are delectable by the way.

Oh, I almost forgot. One of my favorite parts...

You see, it just wouldn't be Lindsey without magazine scraps. She has quite a talent of crafting with magazine pictures, so when I saw this in the bottom of the box, my heart ached. I miss my dear friend so much. Not for long though. She is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, flying from all the way out in Oregon. I can't wait! But, until then, looks like I'll be sipping coffee with Josh, reading some new books, and writing notes about how cute my girls are in their spring shirts dancing to all sorts of new music.


Lindsey said...

YIPPEE!! =) I'm so glad you got it so soon!

I'm at work, so I totally shouldn't be writing on your blog...

I'm halfway embarrassed and halfway pleased that some of my scraps ended up in your box. I was making something for my sister...anyway, it made me giggle embarrassingly at work, and I'm glad no one was around at the time. =)

Happy spring my friend, and I'll see you soon!! AH!

Oregon Criss's said...

Nice! What a creative box! Where in Oregon is Lindsey from?? I'm in Hillsboro area...its nice out here ;)