Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

Friday afternoon I walked home from work with the girls from school, and I just couldn't make them go inside! It was GORGEOUS! The yard was still a little soggy, and had a couple of puppy land mines (if you catch my drift) left from when it was snowy and Sonny just ran out, went where ever, and then ran back in. So, with that in mind, we stuck to the sidewalks. Luckily our yard is 90% cement anyhow (never thought I'd LIKE that fact) so we played with chalk. Addie eventually tired, so she napped. Emma and Josie, in their few years on this earth, have learned that when you have a warm day in March, you make the most of it! Although the rest of the weekend was rainy and cool, Friday is how I choose to remember the weekend. :)
Please read this! 78 degrees baby! That's it FORTY degrees warmer than today!!!

Taking advantage of sunlight, I did a little photo shoot of the girls.

Oh, they melt my heart! So sweet!

Tulips already! Okay, these are potted and usually indoors, but they were begging me to go outside too.

We even opened the windows! :)

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