Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Prairie Life...

Last week at Emma's school they had a dress up day. It is reading month, and in honor of that, students were asked to dress up as their favorite book character. Emma picked, you guessed it, Laura Ingles.
When Emma was three, the love affair started with prairie life. We were living on Berry Rd. at a missionary house that had the whole Little House series. I read them all to Emma (except Farmer Boy, b/c who wants to read a story about a boy? I know, I know, it's every one's FAVORITE. I'll read it one day!). Ever since then we have played pretend prairie girl a whole lot, and every time we eat maple syrup Emma suggests we pour it on snow.
I wish you could have seen the day she learned there was a tv show. She was so excited she cried. :)
So, it was no surprise she picked to dress as Laura. My only problem is we had nothing to wear! Luckily our neighbor girl has an affinity for prairie girl culture as well.
Such a pioneer. I don't even mind when she calls me "Ma". :)


Bethany said...

awe, we love that series too! last year I read them all to the kids except the last one. Farmer Boy is a GREAT one! prob my favorite and basically dif than the others. you should read it just to find out how much Almonzos mother had to cook and how much he could pack away :)

Lindsey said...

Oh, that's so precious! I totally didn't know that. Hey, did you know I'm related to some people in the book? When the Ingalls were in DeSmet, the store owners were the Harthornes (I forget which books-the ones in South Dakota!), and they are my great-granddaddy, and great-great-granddaddy. Anywho, my grandpa remembers his dad talking about wearing socks made by Blind Mary. Boy, all this time I could've impressed Emma, and I never even knew! Anyways...Emma=precious. And I am so glad you read her those books. That must be the mark of a good mom, since my mom did that too. Don't let Josie down!!

thesscurry said...

Emma, I wanted to be Laura too when I was a girl... I still like to do prairie girl things a lot!