Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, the Wonders of Technology!

My have we evolved in recent years. The rate at which technology grows is so helpful in:

*Talking with each other. That's right. We are all sitting next to each other on our laptops, posting messages on facebook to each other.

*Aiding in our homework. Now there is no need to go to the library when all the info you need is at your fingertips, and silence is just an IPOD away!

*In long distance birthday wishes. Now you can have Grandpa and Grandma sing in surround sound!
Most importantly, technology allows me to blog, and for you to waste a few minutes as you read the silly things I write. By the way, I'm glad you all took those minutes to stop by!

1 comment:

StephG said...

I love technology...and wasting's so much fun!

That picture was so great! Everyone on a laptop! Too funny!