Thursday, January 15, 2009


Homework? In Kindergarten? I am not complaining. Emma LOVES to do it. I like doing it with her. It just seems funny to be in kindergarten and have homework every night. I guess it is working. Emma is learning to read. She can add and do some subtraction. She is even learning greater than and less than.
I am loving her learning, and loving even more that she is loving to learn. Is that a tongue twister or what?
A little number practice at the dining room table.

Emma, Daddy isn't being silly, is he?


Bethany said...

Megan loves her homework too! it is funny they learn so much faster/earlier than we ever did. Micahs in first grade now and he's got even more homework (which he doesn't like so much...)

Bemily said...

Love these pics! She is getting so big and mature!!!