Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Baby Blues!

I just love my Adelaide! She reminds me SO much of Emma when she was this age. They look so much alike. Especially those BLUE eyes! The only major difference was Emma's hair was white blonde and stick straight, while Addie's is more of a golden blonde with curls.
Her new favorite game is to say "Mama!" over and over again. Cute sometimes, and other times quite annoying. :)
I just love having little girls!
My Adelaide Marie!

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StephG said...

The potty training has had it's ups and downs today...we can't seem to figure out the poopy part. As in, it hasn't made it into the potty yet. That's been a blast...lol!

I just made my peace with the diapers until Caleb was ready :) It was so much easier...on me...haha...I'll be thinking of you when it's your turn (again)