Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This week...

Well, I may have spoke too soon as I came down with the bug yesterday. I went to work today, so I think I have had the worst of it. I am really praying that Josh does not get it though.
Things have really picked up here at NTBI, and it has been great. Yesterday a student came to our house with great news. She just decided she was going to be a tribal missionary. You see, when she came here a year ago, she was just planning on going to "Bible college" because she had nothing better going. God used her time here at NTBI to learn more of what the Bible says about spreading the Gospel. It was a great reminder of why Josh and I are here at this beginning phase of see the ends of the Earth reached. We are so excited that another laborer is raring to go! :) Please pray for Jenna as her whole life as she's known it has changed. :)

Here is a cute picture, because I cannot post without one.
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