Friday, September 21, 2007

Guess who's THIRTY!

I'll give you a's not me! :)
Yesterday was Josh's 30th birthday, and at a school where the average student age is 19, that means you are over the hill! Ha!
We had a great time celebrating. Jenna and Lindsey (students here) helped me make posters to hang up at school with funny pictures of Josh anywhere from birth to the high school years. SO FUNNY! We then had a little birthday open house for him here at school. It was a great time.
I still can't believe he is 30! I remember celebrating his 20th birthday with him. :)
I love you, Joshy Squashy!
The birthday boy!

The party.

Jared couldn't believe how old Josh is!

Some more partying with friends.

The spread!

* Thanks to Rachel, Jessica and Keisa for your help making the treats, for Jenna who helped decorate, and for everyone who helped keep it a surprise, sort of. :)

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