Monday, September 10, 2007


The Lord has really laid on my heart lately to pray for my dear friends all over the world. Won't you join me? These ladies are all wives and mothers, and also missionaries. Anytime I feel overwhelmed with my schedule here, I think of my friends, and how much more they have to do every day, living without modern conveniences and luxuries. Each of these women are amazing, and I miss them dearly.
Here is a picture taken in May of 2005, one of the last times we were together before we all graduated and went our separate ways.
From left to right: Rachel-PNG, Shelly-Indonesia, Erin-PNG, Nisae-PNG, Karrie-PNG, Me- Jackson, Beth-en route to Mozambique, Naomi-Indonesia, Megan-Philippines, (on the floor)Robyn-PNG

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