Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adelaide's little ears

Yesterday was our appointment with the ENT. Addie still has a bunch of fluid behind her eardrums, so she needs to get tubes in. The lady who does the scheduling was not in yesterday, so we are waiting on her call to set the surgery date. Thank you all who are praying for our sweet baby girl!
Here is picture of Addie sitting up (for about 5 seconds!) We are hoping once the ears are drained she will have better balance and be able to do this for longer time periods.
Can you believe she is eight months old already?!?!


Rachel said...

Love the new background/color scheme thing! Addie is such a cutie...keeping her (and yous guys) in our prayers. See you tonight!

thesscurry said...

you'll probably see a huge difference in her everything ability... we'll keep you guys in our prayers too. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. Kinda busy, walking to and from school each day and keeping up with 2 little ones here at home. Busy but good. Simeon is doing great... attitudinally and Sophie is finding her place as the "2" girl. Sec

Bemily said...

Hey guys! Miss you as always! Keeping Addie's ears in our prayers. Let us know when she's going to have them put in! Love the new look of the blog! We'll be blogging buddies at Christmas okay! Miss ya! Love ya!