Monday, September 3, 2007

Blue Gable

We are so blessed to have this time to spend with our family (We missed you a ton Emily and Ben!!!) for a week at Blue Gable, a small cottage on Marble Lake. I am so glad our girls will have memories of jumping off the dock into the lake, falling asleep in a bed with all their cousins in the loft as their aunts and uncles laugh below, and just enjoying each other! :)
We had a great time (except for the stomach flu that went through 12 of the 16 there). We can't wait until next year. Hopefully we won't get sick again!
We spent the evenings playing Canasta.


Addie snuggling with Auntie Chris.

Emma and Jo enjoying the row boat.

Josie going for a ride with daddy. She LOVED this!

Livvie, Josie and Emma playing "Chocolate Factory"

Grandpa and Addie with their matching hats. :)

Anyone for badminton?

Hey blue eyes!

Snuggling on the porch swing with grandma.

Look how close the swans got!

Beach beauty.

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Bemily said...

What great Pictures Tamara! I talked to someone named Tamara at work today and it made me miss and think of you! Those pictures are awesome! I guess we missed out on a good year... didn't want to get sick! But you know we seriously missed you!