Monday, September 17, 2007

My little Ballerina

Today was Emma's first ballet class. There is a program here in Jackson where they offer the arts at a discounted rate for lower income families. Well, we qualified for a full tuition grant!
Emma had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures of my little ballerina. :)
Here she is checking her moves out in the mirror.

This is before class started. She has no clue what to do, but Mommy said to pose. :)

I love this picture. Here she is with a classmate as they wait for class to start. They are peaking at their teacher Miss Ginger as she gets the class set up.

This didn't come out very good because I had to take it through a window, but here she is in class, doing her stretches.

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The Fischer's said...

How adorable!!! Lily just started ballet also. I haven't seen her in class yet, but just to think about it makes me smile. These are really cute pictures! I bet she just loves it!